Cost-Effective Search Engine Marketing for Law Firms

Law firms compete for clientele every day. Thankfully, modern tech-first solutions can help your firm stand above the crowd. Here are four ways to engage your various target audiences and gain market share.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” helps a firm show up at the top of search results via paid advertising. The most significant value of paid advertising in search results is the ability to dictate where your ad will show up in an environment that feels natural. 

In essence, many search engine users simply don’t notice that SEM ads are indeed advertising messages versus the search results they’re also viewing. This means your firm’s message is guaranteed (or as guaranteed as the budget you put behind it!) to show up alongside the potential clients’ intended search outcome.

Search Engine Optimization

seo for law firms

Everyone knows the higher your company shows up in search results, the better. This translates directly into leads.

As such, Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is the practice of using strategic content creation in order to increase your page’s value on sites like Google and Bing. In particular, seo for law firms requires both the knowledge of legal terminology and the correct application of search terms. But with this combination in play, the sky is the limit.

The return on investment (ROI) is incredible, especially in industries such as Law in which clients are of high dollar value.

The Cost

SEM and SEO are generally outsourced services. This is because each requires careful supervision-often in real-time-both of competitors and pricing for your firm to get the most bang for its buck.

Both SEM and SEO are each a small price to pay for significant marketing value.